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When Lighting Up on 4/20 Goes Wrong

On 420, a celebratory holiday for marijuana enthusiasts, one driver's festivities were cut short after he crashed his truck while attempting to light up.

A 30-year-old man admitted to authorities that he drove his Ford Ranger home from work on U.S. Highway 54 using only his knees while trying to light up! He ultimately lost control of the vehicle and crashed it near Gas before receiving medical attention for injuries sustained.

The man driving down the road had an unbelievable yet miraculous escape today when his car crossed three lanes without hitting any cars along its path - then miraculously came to a stop after smashing into four separate obstacles in one go! He hit "a cement culvert, a large fence corner-post, a telephone junction box, and utility pole" before finally coming to rest. Authorities remain mystified as to how this extraordinary feat was accomplished.

The individual received minor injuries after being thrown about within the cab of his truck, due to not wearing a seat belt- according to the authorities.

The motorist has been arrested and is facing multiple charges related to the possession of drugs, as well as paraphernalia.

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