What Are Marijuana Users Listening to When They Are High?

Mike Adams | Cannabisnow.com | May 21, 2020

Reggae isn’t number one when it comes to listening to music while high.

There is no denying that marijuana and music go hand in hand. Anyone who has ever gotten lost for hours listening to their favorite records after an ambitious night with a bong will tell you that the sonic drippings coming from the speakers are just more sacred, vibrant and almost three-dimensional (like they have a secret to tell) when complemented with a mind full of Maui Wowie.

For those who haven’t yet had the pleasure of this mind-bending experience, you should drop everything this very second, step into the right headspace and get your face melted off by some of your favorite tunes.

We’ll wait.

Seriously, music just has a way of coming alive under the influence of cannabis that it struggles to achieve any other time. It is almost as if the two were designed to share a certain wavelength back when the masters of the universe were constructing the world that we now call home. If we could just hone this simple process, chances are all of the worldly problems would cease to exist.

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