Water Conservation in Cannabis Cultivation

By Deborah Agboola | Cannabistech.com | July 6, 2020

Methods for conserving a precious resource.

Over the years, the greenhouse effect and global warming have drastically taken a toll on the climate, significantly affecting global activities. With a higher percentage of drought recorded on the planet, the agricultural sector is now more vulnerable, having multiple effects on water availability, food security, livelihoods, and agricultural production.

The World Meteorological Organization released an analysis of the global expenditure spent on water insecurity, which was found to be at an annual rate of US$500 billion. Significant droughts in nations have resulted in the reduction of gross domestic product growth, causing degeneration in the economic state of the country.

There have been notions raised on high water consumption in marijuana cultivation, even to blaming water decline levels in towns to cannabis. However, according to the Chairman of the National Hemp Association,  the plant only requires much water at the early stage of growth, beyond which it develops into one of the most drought-tolerant plants.

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