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Veterans Receive Free Cannabis for Medicinal Purposes in Sacramento

By: Marie Scarci | December 5, 2022

Photo Credit: KCRA 3

Sacramento, CA- Sacramento-area veterans were given a unique opportunity to receive free cannabis this past Sunday!

Perfect Union and Heavenly Sweets dispensaries generously teamed up, gifting away $5K worth of cannabis for those with qualifying medical conditions from their service - such as PTSD. The community provided much-needed support to the nation’s heroes who have bravely fought on behalf of our country.

Dirk Bredthauer, VP of Heavenly Sweets and also a veteran, said in a local television interview “I think that our veterans are not appreciated enough and we should do everything we can to help,”

Dirk goes on to state “ Our product has so many medicinal values and benefits and to me, it makes me extremely proud to be here with the other veterans and help them with their pain and suffering.”

Today, the Weed for Warriors Project is carrying out an inspiring movement to bring holistic rehabilitation and support to our veterans. This noble cause aims to provide meaningful community projects that help service members continue their path of growth post-service.

Founded in 2014, the Weed For Warriors Project is a US-based organization dedicated to giving American Veterans greater access to medical cannabis. With their mission of advocating for Veteran rights on VA benefits and protections when choosing marijuana as a form of treatment, WFWP seeks to end discrimination against those wishing to use cannabis medically without risking any unjust consequences from our government.


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