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US Cannabis Council Elects CEO Jessica Billingsley of Akerna as Board Chair

BY: Chronic Staff | Recent News | published August 20, 2021

Akerna, an enterprise software, leading compliance technology provider and developer of the cannabis industry’s first seed-to-sale enterprise resource planning (ERP) software technology, announces that Jessica Billingsley, the company’s co-founder, CEO, and Chair of the Board, has been elected Chair of the US Cannabis Council (USCC), a coalition of leading cannabis companies and advocated working to end federal cannabis prohibition in the US.

USCC aims to accomplish three goals. These are: raise ethical standards in the industry. Achieve restorative justice for communities that have been disproportionately impacted by misguided state and federal cannabis policies. Lastly, create a healthy, inclusive, and well-regulated cannabis industry with social, financial, and environmental benefits shared by all.

In order to achieve this, the USCC needs to work hand in hand with the Congressional leaders in Washington, DC, and throughout the country to advance cannabis reform.

CAO or Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act was introduced. CAO would legalize cannabis on a federal level in the US while advancing equity and economic empowerment for communities and individuals impacted by the prohibition. USCC is very encouraged by this news.

Meanwhile, Billingsley was unanimously elected as chair due to her leadership experience in the cannabis industry. Billingsley was the first cannabis technology CEO to list on Nasdaq, invented seed-to-sale tracking, and won the exclusive contracts for Washington, Pennsylvania, and Utah’s cannabis regulatory track-and-trace programs. She has also met with the members of Congress on cannabis reform since 2013.

USCC CEO Steve Hawkins said that Billingsley is a proven leader who will elevate our voice for cannabis reform and equitable, values-driven cannabis industry and that her extensive background working in the cannabis industry and government will greatly assist USCC in reforming cannabis policy.

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