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Unlicensed Edibles are Now on the New York City's Radar

The New York City Sheriff's Office is taking action against unlicensed edibles, not just black-market marijuana. They have partnered with the city's health department to conduct inspections on businesses baking with cannabis and other ingredients. Sheriff Anthony Miranda spoke about this collaboration during a public safety briefing at City Hall. The Department of Health has the necessary authority to inspect these locations thoroughly.

The Department of Health has been receiving valuable information from the community to help identify and take action against illegal marijuana sellers. Working together, they conduct inspections and remove these dangerous products from the streets. Addressing the health risks associated with underground edibles is important as they are unregulated and can contain unknown substances. The officials have taken immediate action by imposing fines, shutting down locations, making arrests, and confiscating tainted treats.

Rest assured, the sheriffs are not sharing pot brownies with anyone, contrary to rumors.

During a briefing, Miranda clarified what happens to the baked goods confiscated by the authorities.

He emphasized that all of those products are promptly destroyed.

In just the month of July, city officials issued a staggering $4.5 million in civil penalties for $2 million worth of illegal cannabis products, including edibles. Throughout the year, the total penalties have reached $22 million for $12 million in goods.

These numbers, however, only represent a fraction of the robust illicit marijuana market that has flourished in New York. Despite the state's delayed progress in implementing a legal, recreational marijuana program, with less than two dozen storefronts operating after nearly three years, the illicit market remains thriving.


In recent years, the legalization of marijuana has grown in popularity, with many states allowing for medical and even recreational use. However, this has not stopped the black market for marijuana and other cannabis products from thriving. The New York City Sheriff's Office has recognized this issue and has made efforts to crack down on unlicensed edibles. Partnering with the city's health department, the Sheriff's Office has been able to use its inspection authority to identify locations that are baking with cannabis and other products. The community has also played a part in helping to identify these locations by providing information to the Department of Health. While many may think that the black market for marijuana only applies to the sale of the plant itself, the market for illegal edibles is just as prevalent. The Sheriff's Office warns that these underground edibles are not regulated and can pose a danger to consumers who are unaware of the potency or ingredients of the product.

This joint effort between multiple agencies serves as a reminder that the illegal marijuana market extends beyond just the sale of the plant. With the collaboration of law enforcement and government agencies, steps can be taken to shut down illegal operations and ensure public safety.

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