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Undercover Easter Egg Hunt Leads to Unlicensed Cannabis Stores Shut Down in New York

Photo: Office of Cannabis Management

State officials took decisive action on Monday, closing down seven unlicensed marijuana stores in Syracuse and Rochester. The owner of these establishments had been brazenly flouting the law for over a year, selling cannabis illegally, even to underage customers. Despite numerous warnings to cease their illicit activities, the owner chose to ignore them, leading to the shutdown of these establishments.

David Tulley, the owner of eight retail cannabis stores in Cayuga, Monroe, Oswego, and Wayne counties, has been charged with selling marijuana without a license. The state attorney general's office claims that Tulley has been involved in these illegal sales since early last year, even before the state authorized the opening of licensed marijuana retail stores.

State Police, investigators, and cannabis regulators have shut down Tulley’s stores, which were operating under the name "I'm Stuck."

Tulley's stores made headlines in April with an unconventional Easter egg hunt spread across five counties. Plastic eggs were cleverly hidden in public spaces like playgrounds and churches, offering prizes that ranged from children's toys to cannabis products. One state investigator located some of these secret eggs and was able to exchange them for cannabis flower, edibles, seeds, and other related items at Tulley's store in Wayne County.

Tulley received a stern warning from the attorney general's office and in February 2022, he was sent a cease-and-desist letter for illegally selling cannabis without a proper license. Adding to the heat, the Office of Cannabis Management has also issued notices of violations to Tulley's stores.

State officials have revealed that Tulley, the owner of "I'm Stuck" stores, allegedly deceived the Office of Cannabis Management by claiming his businesses were merely "consulting" firms that educated customers about cannabis effects and rewarded them with free products. However, undercover investigators from the attorney general's office have visited six of these stores, buying $1,000 worth of cannabis products and even witnessing sales to individuals under 21.

State authorities are cracking down on Tulley, his companies, and the owners of the buildings where his stores are situated. They aren't holding back when it comes to penalties, with potential fines that could easily skyrocket into the millions of dollars.

Attorney General Letitia James stated "David Tulley brazenly violated our laws, cheated taxpayers, and endangered our kids by selling unregulated cannabis to underage customers."

A petition has been filed on Monday to demand an immediate closure of Tulley's stores, as well as halt the distribution, delivery, and dispensing of cannabis products by his companies. The petition also calls for penalties to be imposed.

In a bold move to uphold the law and protect public safety, state officials have taken decisive action by shutting down seven unlicensed marijuana stores in Syracuse and Rochester. David Tulley, the owner of these establishments, has been charged with selling cannabis without a proper license, even to underage customers.

Despite multiple warnings, Tulley persisted in his illegal activities, leading to the closure of his "I'm Stuck" stores. This crackdown by the Office of Cannabis Management and the attorney general's office sends a clear message that illegal cannabis sales will not be tolerated in the state. With penalties potentially reaching millions of dollars, this case serves as a powerful deterrent to others who may attempt to flout the law and jeopardize public safety.

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