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Too Stoned to Cooperate: Maine Man Attempts to Steal Weed From Dispensary

A Maine man has allegedly used force in an attempt to rob a cannabis store of its weed supply. According to authorities, the suspect assaulted two employees before fleeing the scene empty-handed. The investigation into this incident is ongoing.

On Tuesday, William C. Self of Auburn was officially charged with robbery and assault as well as the stealing of controlled substances in a multi-count indictment filed by authorities. The 25-year-old faces potentially serious repercussions for his alleged activities.

Self brazenly visited Cure Cannabis on Riverside Drive, seemingly intent on testing the store rules - and their staff's mettle. Allegedly lighting up a joint in-store before attempting to make off with some marijuana without paying for it, according to local reports.

Police reported that when store employees attempted to prevent him from leaving the premises he attacked them.

Self has been released on bail pending his court date.

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