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Tim Ryan, a Candidate For the U.S. Senate, Goes to an Ohio Marijuana Cultivation Facility.

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call/Getty Images

By Therin Miller | October 13, 2022

Tim Ryan, a representative candidate, would be a wonderful addition to the US. Senate. After the MORE Act was passed by the Democratic representative from Ohio on many occasions, and on October 3, he paid a visit to a Youngstown medicinal cannabis cultivation plant.

Ryan is in favor of Ohio legalizing adult use. During his stop at Riviera Creek, he stated, "You can ensure the product is safe and not laced with fentanyl or some of these other drugs that are killing people. To me, we need to take that next step."

Ryan stated in a 2018 CNN opinion piece: "Marijuana should be legal in all 50 states."

In addition to the estimated 782,000 employment it may create on day one, studies have shown that legalizing marijuana could save $13.7 billion in net savings from avoided enforcement expenses and add $6 billion in additional tax income.

"Consider what our nation could accomplish with that money: repair our roads, trains, and bridges; provide our localities the tools they need to combat drug misuse and the opioid epidemic, and generate jobs."

Republican J.D. Vance, who backs Trump, opposes Ryan; it's unclear where the author stands on marijuana legalization.


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