This Dispensary is Now Offering Eighths of Cannabis for $1

Written by Rob Hoffman | | March 30,2020

Barbary Coast is now offering normally-$75 eighths of cannabis for a shockingly cheap $1, for those who need it. The team is using the "honor system" and hoping their customers will only take advantage of the deal if they use cannabis medicinally.

With cannabis deemed an essential service in California amid the Covid-19 crisis, dispensaries across the state have been able to keep their doors open. One cannabis retailer in the state is doing something extra special to help their customers in the midst of difficult economic times.

San Francisco’s Barbary Coast is now partnering with famous cannabis grower Mario Guzman to provide a “compassion” menu for those who have been hit hard economically by the current crisis. This means Barbary Coast is now offering eighths of cannabis, normally valued at $75, for a shockingly cheap $1. This deal is only meant to be taken advantage of by medical cannabis users. The retailer says it will be using the “honor system” to identify consumers who use cannabis medically, since many medical users haven’t legally enrolled in medical programs, and thus purchase their cannabis just like a recreational consumer would.

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