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The Chronic Magazine: New App Launch Sparks Controversy Among Weed Tech Companies

By Marie Scarci | The Chronic Magazine

The Chronic Magazine just launched their new mobile app on the Apple App Store and for Google Play Store for cannabis enthusiasts, ganjaprenuers, and those looking to connect without all the current censorship on cannabis from other platforms like FB or Instagram.

They have been named by Benzinga, Cannabis Fn, Blunt Network, Cannabis Business Now, Cannabis Business Executive and many others as the nation's fastest-growing cannabis magazine. They have been working on their new app to provide the cannabis community with a platform that has more of a cannabis-friendly experience

The Chronic App offers the latest in cannabis news, with new articles published daily keeping consumers and owners in the loop with the market's current trends.

The App also features a “Dispensary Deals Near Me” function that allows patients to quickly access a network of information from providers in their area. Users will be able to quickly access the dispensary menu with pricing, contact information, directions, and even videos of products and customer reviews.

One of the highly anticipated features of this app is the ability to create cannabis groups called "sesh groups" where people can finally post pictures, seek advice, network and even promote their products without the censorship that has been put on the cannabis industry by so many other social media outlets.

Anyone can start and grow their own group but currently, there are several like "Home Growing Tips" which are for people to come together and share advice and grow together. There’s also a group named "High Thoughts" and it’s for exactly that, all smokers have them now you can share them so you don’t forget.

Another exciting addition to the App is its Cannabis Recipes feature where users can get different recipes with ingredients and actually learn how to make their own infused edibles and meals. Famous cookbook author of "Cooking With a Buz" Chef Buz Deliere is the author behind the recipes on the app so you know the recipes and edibles will be delicious.

The Chronic App is more than just for fun and games, the app also has educational articles as well under its "Learn" tab. This is a place for the users to come and can learn more about everything cannabis related from terpenes to strains and how to roll a joint and tips on proper dabbing.

If you are looking to get the hottest new cannabis app that is already sparking controversy among weed tech companies then you can go download it now on Apple or Andriod.

The App has already been featured In several major publications for the uproar it has caused among other weed tech companies.

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