The Hemp Burger is Revolutionizing BBQ Season

Matt Weeks | | May 7, 2020

Meet the hemp burger: a tasty source of protein made from hemp hearts, lentils, rice, and seeds.

The new hemp burger is a completely legal patty that doesn’t get people high. Instead, it comes chocked full of nutrients and packed with six to ten grams of pure plant protein. It’s easy to digest, great for the body, and easy on the environment. Clearly, the hemp burger is an idea whose time has come.

Hemp Nutrition is Dense

The hemp burger may have the best shot of winning the hearts and stomachs of American consumers, but it’s far from the first cannabis-based product to be recommended by nutritionists.

Hemp hearts, one of the primary ingredients in hemp burgers, have a nutty flavor and work deliciously on their own, in a salad, sandwich, or baked into a bread loaf.

The other cannabis-derived part of hemp burgers are hemp seeds. Many nutritionists consider them a superfood because of the wide array of health benefits they provide. Hemp seeds, which are technically nuts, provide an excellent source of protein. About twenty five percent of a hemp seed is protein, which is higher than the amount per capita in chia seeds and flax seeds, which each average about eighteen percent.

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