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The Gelato Cake Strain

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

By Melissa Hall | Reviews

gelato cake strain
Gelato Cake Weed Strain

Truly fine cannabis does not simply elicit a reaction, it creates a feeling and becomes an experience. Amidst the abundant selection that is the Oklahoma cannabis market, on the top shelves and back counters, in the Mom and Pop shops and holes in the walls, If you are lucky you will find the premiums, the private reserves, the select few that deserve to be called exquisite cannabis. After Coming across an exceptional grow of the Indica leaning hybrid Gelato Cake, (aka Gelato #33 x Wedding Cake) I decided to take a more in depth look at the strain.

Gelato Cake Strain Lineage

Descending from royalty such as Sunset Sherbet, Gelato Cake shows up to take its rightful place in line to heir the GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) throne. Gelato Cake Sets itself apart with a dank presence reminiscent of its OG Kush and Durbin Poison ancestry, mixed with a smooth and creamy sweetness that would make its predecessors Cherry Pie and Thin Mint GSC, proud. This Cookie family legacy is quite the looker, upon first glance you notice crowded trichomes clinging to the dense buds giving it a sugary crystalline resin coat.

The iced flower flashes quite an impressive spectrum of fiery orange hairs, hints of violet and mauve hues that accent the forest and olive-green beauty, complementing its glassy and glazed finish, making its aesthetics as pleasing as its aroma. Showy and stunning, Gelato Cake weed takes its bag appeal to a superior level. This frosty bombshell assures to steal the thunder and catch everyone's eye in any Cannabis line up. A fine, proper cure has kept the bud gelatinous to the touch and leaves anything it comes in contact with a sticky film that is unlike any other. This Bakery fresh treat packs a potent punch in the aroma department. With hints of almond, berry, vanilla and cream cheese in every whiff that provides confectionery sweetness while its undertones of cheese and spice bring out the Afghan presence of the flower, leaving consumers with a gassy tang that lingers and satisfies. The unmistakable odor that Gelato Cake weed exhibits, a pungent, yet delicate fragrance, delivers that “ love at first smell” nostalgia, making it a certain new favorite among experienced and less experienced cannabis users alike. This spicy sweet aura this powerhouse strain exhibits, leads the way for the knockout taste Gelato Cake has come to be known for.

Gelato Cake Strain Aroma & Taste

Gelato Cake, aka Ice Cream Cake, wholeheartedly lives up to its delicious name and sugary alias in the flavor department. The rich, extravagant terpene profile steps up to highlight the sweet, creamy and extra smooth flavor while also giving a balance to the earthy, gassy almost faint diesel fumes. A true divine treat, Gelato Cake weed emits decadent notes of vanilla bean, berry, cream, cheese and even a sugary icing like richness, while featuring the dank, gassy underlying profile that gives this award winning hybrid a delectable and complex savor.

Gelato Cake Strain Effects

The effects of Gelato Cake are known to have a borderline sedating effect. This hybrid balances the Indica and Sativa properties with ease, while leaning towards the proverbial Indica couch lock, without keeping you stuck, so to speak. Cognitive effects make impact within seconds, leading to a powerful euphoric wave and mind numbing haziness. Its popularly potent aftermath gives way to extreme physical relaxation, especially in the muscles, making it a great strain for pain and muscle spasms. Your thoughts may linger in a dreamy buzz, possibly inspiring creativity. Other conditions that Gelato Cake is recommended to treat are nausea, fatigue, appetite loss, and insomnia. Although a newbie strain, Gelato Cake walks on the field with an old school attitude that could easily gain it a permanent place among your favorite go to strains. Immensely impressed with this merger of genetic highflyers, Gelato Cake weed is a CannaCritic MUST try! Until next time,remember, always medicate responsibly and stay Lit Oklahoma.


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