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Thailand's Cutting-Edge: Boxers Now Required to Get High Before Stepping into the Ring!

Before entering the ring for their three 3-minute rounds, each boxer must take a hit from a bong or puff a joint.

Introducing the Weed Boxing Championship: A Unique Twist on Traditional Sports Leagues

While professional sports leagues have long emphasized a strict policy on drug-free competition, a new boxing event in Thailand is turning that concept on its head.

The Weed Boxing Championship, set to take place at the Samui International Muay Thai Stadium on the picturesque island of Koh Samui, is breaking the mold with its unconventional approach. Unlike conventional tournaments, this one requires every participant to indulge in cannabis before stepping into the ring.

With just two straightforward rules, the Weed Boxing Championship aims to reshape the traditional boxing landscape. Competitors are not only obligated to take a bong hit or smoke a joint, but they must also face off against their opponents for three rounds of intense three-minute matches.

Discover the perfect match between cannabis and combat sports. It's no secret that marijuana and sports go hand in hand. Whether it's the fog of smoke enveloping the crowd and commentators at UFC fights or the aroma infiltrating the locker rooms, the presence of pot is undeniable. Even the biggest names in combat sports, including Mike Tyson, Nick and Nate Diaz, and Sean O'Malley, openly embrace their love of weed.

In the past, drug testing was a regular part of every athlete's life, leading to suspensions for THC-positive results. But times are changing. Sports authorities are finally loosening their grip on weed. In 2021, both the UFC and the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) decided to stop penalizing fighters for marijuana use. And it's not just combat sports; the NFL, MLB, and NBA have all recently implemented similar policies.

Witness a new era of acceptance and relaxation when it comes to cannabis and sports. The tide is turning, and athletes can finally enjoy their love for weed without fear of repercussion.

Despite advancements, athletes are still required to undergo urine tests. Recently, Nate Diaz was compelled to take a THC test by Texas authorities, even though the UFC no longer enforces such regulations. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has stricter rules on marijuana than American leagues. WADA famously suspended Olympic athlete Sha'Carri Richardson for using cannabis and stood firm on their outdated regulations despite the ensuing controversy.

This amateur-only event doesn't follow WADA regulations, so contestants don't need to worry. However, this means that fans won't get to see epic matchups like Mike Tyson vs. the Diaz brothers after sharing a joint.

Thailand is paving the way with progressive cannabis laws compared to its neighboring countries. In 2018, medical marijuana was legalized, and in 2022, the plant was fully decriminalized. In stark contrast, countries like Singapore regularly hand down death sentences for minor marijuana offenses. This year alone, they plan to execute almost 50 people for drug trafficking, including cannabis.

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