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Texas AG Files Lawsuit Against Five Cities Over Marijuana Ordinances

February 1, 2024 – In a significant development in the ongoing debate over marijuana regulation in Texas, the state Attorney General has initiated legal action against five cities, including Denton, citing issues with their local marijuana ordinances.

Background of the Dispute

The lawsuit, filed by the Texas Attorney General, marks a new chapter in the complex legal and political battleground surrounding marijuana regulation in the state. Texas, known for its conservative stance on drug laws, has seen a growing divergence in how its cities approach marijuana regulation. The cities in question have passed local ordinances that alter the enforcement and penalization of marijuana-related offenses, deviating from state laws.

The Attorney General's Stance

The Texas Attorney General's office has taken a firm stand against these local ordinances. The lawsuit alleges that these cities are effectively circumventing state law, which still classifies marijuana as an illegal substance. The AG argues that the cities do not possess the legal authority to alter or ignore state laws regarding drug enforcement.

Key Issues Highlighted in the Lawsuit

  1. Conflict with State Law: The central issue is the perceived conflict between local ordinances and state law. The Texas AG contends that these ordinances undermine the uniform enforcement of state drug laws.

  2. Public Safety Concerns: Another argument presented by the AG's office is the potential impact on public safety. The lawsuit suggests that differing local laws could lead to confusion and inconsistency in law enforcement across the state.

  3. Legal Precedence: The lawsuit also raises questions about the legal precedent such ordinances might set, potentially opening the door for cities to selectively enforce other state laws.

Reactions from the Cities

The cities involved, including Denton, have defended their ordinances. They argue that their local laws are designed to address the specific needs and views of their communities. These cities have emphasized the importance of local governance and the discretion in law enforcement priorities.

Implications of the Lawsuit

This legal battle has far-reaching implications:

  • Marijuana Reform Debate: It highlights the growing debate over marijuana legalization and reform in Texas, a state with historically strict drug laws.

  • State vs. Local Authority: The lawsuit is a notable instance of the ongoing tension between state and local governance in Texas.

  • National Impact: As Texas is a significant and influential state, the outcome of this lawsuit could have ripple effects on marijuana legislation across the United States.


As the legal proceedings unfold, the eyes of the nation are on Texas. This lawsuit not only represents a clash over marijuana regulation but also serves as a litmus test for the balance of power between state and local governments. The outcome will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on the legal landscape surrounding marijuana, both in Texas and potentially across the country.

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