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Teenage Girl Receives 30-Year Jail Sentence for Fatal Car Crash Involving Marijuana and Shrooms

Mackenzie Shirilla, 19, cried in handcuffs when Cuyahoga County Common | Photo by: Cory Shaffer,

Last July, Shirilla, a 17-year-old, tragically failed to brake and collided with a wall.

Mackenzie Shirilla, known as "hell on wheels," has been sentenced to life in prison for causing the death of her boyfriend and another passenger in a high-speed car crash. The incident occurred in Ohio in July, resulting in the tragic loss of Dominic Russo, 20, and Davion Flanagan, 19.

In a court hearing on Monday, Shirilla was given two concurrent 15 years to life sentences for her reckless actions behind the wheel. The judge's decision is a stark reminder of the dangerous consequences of irresponsible driving.

The 17-year-old driver crashed her Toyota Camry into a brick building, killing two passengers. Authorities discovered that all three individuals had been using marijuana and magic mushrooms.

She showed "no mercy"

Christine Russo, the mother of Mr. Russo, expressed her sorrow and frustration at the loss of her son's and Davion's futures, hopes, and dreams. She stated that Mackenzie showed no remorse for her actions towards Dominic and Davion. Additionally, Russo told Shirilla to appreciate the fact that she is still alive and has the opportunity for a future, despite the uncertainty associated with it.

Shirilla, who chose not to offer any evidence, read a statement in court before her sentence was given. She conveyed her deep apologies to the families of Dominic and Davion and expressed her desire for them to see that she would never intentionally cause harm. However, she also expressed her frustration at not being able to recall the events leading to the incident.

In her verdict, the judge described Shirilla as a dangerous driver who purposely chose a time and route with few witnesses. Prosecutors argued that she crashed to end her relationship with her boyfriend, who felt threatened by her behavior. Davyne Flanagan, the boyfriend's sister, urged the judge to give the longest possible sentence, citing Shirilla's history of taking the easy way out. However, the judge did not feel that the harshest sentence was appropriate and believed that Mackenzie would be incarcerated for more than 15 years.

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