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Stitching Change: Lucky Brand Weaves Fashion with Activism in New Cannabis-Inspired Collection

In an inspiring fusion of fashion and social activism, Lucky Brand has launched its Highest Quality Capsule Collection, coinciding with the culturally significant date of April 20th, celebrated widely among cannabis enthusiasts. This innovative collection not only showcases cannabis-inspired styles but also embraces a powerful activism stance by supporting initiatives aimed at cannabis decriminalization and aiding those incarcerated on related charges.

The collection features an array of men’s and women’s apparel crafted from hemp, a sustainable material derived from the Cannabis sativa plant. Highlight pieces include the women’s Easy Rider Boot jeans and a variety of garments adorned with cannabis motifs, such as the 3D cannabis leaves on cropped jackets and ’90s shorts, achieved through advanced textile techniques like embossed silicon.

This artistic approach not only captures the essence of the plant but also subtly nods to the broader implications of its legal and cultural battles.

Lucky Brand’s campaign, spearheaded in collaboration with Lola Langusta, a renowned cannabis advocate and creative force behind Stoned Fox, a studio promoting cannabis, plant wellness, and lifestyle, goes beyond mere fashion. It serves as a narrative platform, highlighting the shifting perceptions of cannabis—from criminalization to a respected cultural and agricultural element. The campaign vividly showcases personal stories and the progression of cannabis in society, reflecting a significant shift in public discourse and acceptance.

A standout feature of this campaign is its support for Hudson Cannabis, a female-founded farm that exemplifies regenerative agriculture. This partnership underscores the collection’s commitment to sustainability and the ethical production of cannabis. Furthermore, Lucky Brand has joined forces with Donte West, a staunch decriminalization and anti-incarceration advocate working with the Last Prisoner Project (LPP). This collaboration aims to spotlight and alleviate the injustices faced by individuals incarcerated for cannabis-related offenses.

In a tangible commitment to these causes, Lucky Brand has pledged to donate $10 from every sale of the Highest Quality items throughout April 2024 to LPP, promising up to $10,000 in contributions. This initiative is complemented by a social media-driven letter-writing campaign, encouraging public engagement and support for LPP’s mission.

Michael DeLellis, EVP head of marketing for Lucky Brand and SPARC Group, remarked on the launch, “Lucky Brand has always been at the forefront of driving cultural conversations since 1990 and we are excited to give our collaborators a platform to express themselves on and on our social channels.” He added, “Rooted in denim, Americana, and self-expression, our brand is for the free-thinkers and the optimists who don’t take life too seriously.”

Do you think more fashion brands should take a stand on social issues like cannabis decriminalization?

  • Absolutely, fashion can be a powerful platform for change.

  • No, fashion should focus on style, not activism.

  • It depends on the issue and the brand.


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