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Special Needs School Teacher's Assistant Arrested for Keeping Pot in Lunch Bag

By: Marie Scarci | November 10, 2022

Initial reports indicate that Nashville police officers responded to Murrell School, a K-7 special needs school on the report of an out-of-control student.

At some point, someone thought it would be a good idea to put the student in the teacher's lounge to try and help calm him down.

This is where, according to police reports, the student began to throw several items belonging to the teachers around the lounge.

Once the situation calmed down officers were able to see the glass jar with cannabis in it amongst the scattered teacher's belongings.

One of the items thrown by the student was a lunch bag containing a glass jar with more than 45 grams of cannabis in multiple baggies.

Police were able to identify the owner of the jar containing the cannabis thanks in part due to video surveillance. The 28-year-old teacher's assistant, Jimmy Reed, was charged with possession and arrested.

Metro Nashville Public Schools announced that a teacher’s assistant has been placed on administrative leave pending the investigation's outcome.


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