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Soulja Boy Names Son on Cannabis Talk 101

By Therin Miller | April 29, 2022

Soulja Boy interview on Cannabis Talk 101

The popular internet talk show "Cannabis 101" has released a new episode of their critically-acclaimed product series featuring rap artist, actor, and business maverick Soulja Boy.

The entertaining episode features host Christopher Wright "Blue" and Joe Grande interviewing Soulja Boy alongside Grizzly Peak CEO Dave Gash, Los Angeles representative Chadel Waites. The four discuss his new line of cannabis flower called 'Soulja Exotics'.

Soulja Boy details his partnership with Grizzly Peak and how long it took to land on the perfect strain for Soulja Exotics. He confirms only smoking that flower from them for a month before finding what he was looking for.

DeAndre Cortez, better known as Soulja Boy, and his baby son will be coming soon! He says that he has chosen a name for the little one which happens to sound very similar. "Honestly I got it," said Soulja himself in the interview.

Listen to the full episode on iHeartRadio or watch it on Youtube here.

About Cannabis Talk 101:

Cannabis Talk 101 is the World's #1 source for everything cannabis. Together, the Cannabis Talk 101 team has embarked on a mission to spread the truth about cannabis while guiding and connecting industry professionals along the way. Christopher Wright "Blue" is the CEO and creator of Cannabis Talk 101 and the Cannabis Talk Network. Joe Grande is a former Co-Host on Big Boy's Neighborhood on Power 106 and On Air With Ryan Seacrest on 102.7 KIIS FM.

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