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Smoke & Make Pottery with Seth Rogen a High-ly Anticipated Airbnb

By: Marie Scarci | February 1, 2023

Photo credit: Houseplant Airbnb

Ever dreamed of a star-studded smoke sesh with Seth Rogen? He's rolling out the red carpet at his ritzy L.A. abode for lucky fans to join him in an evening filled with creativity, ceramic artistry, and more! Here’s your chance to be part of this unique artistic experience – don't miss it!

Actor-turned-entrepreneur Seth Rogen is making waves in LA with his new line of Housegoods and ceramics inspired by the cannabis company he co-founded, Houseplant. Inviting fans into a one-of-a-kind glimpse into his creative vision, they can now have the opportunity to share his home thru Airbnb. His High-ly Creative Retreat is decked out in the newest and his favorite Houseplant pieces.

Enjoy the stunning views of sunny LA from Seth Rogen's mid-century style pad. Relax with some music or entertain yourself by rummaging through his impressive record collection, followed up with a visit to the fully stocked fridge - where you're encouraged to "eat it all" and you know Seth has to have some of the best munchies around!

Rogen states, “During your stay, you will get a glimpse into my creative process with opportunities to throw some pottery with ME in the in-house studio."

With a few nights in February up for grabs and at an unbeatable price, Rogen is offering the opportunity of a lifetime! For just $42 a night, you can stay with him, make some pottery and I'm sure have the time of your life.

With Housegoods, a pottery wheel, breathtaking views of Los Angeles, some high-grade ganja, and of course the man himself Seth Rogen—You are guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience!

Booking opens at 1:00 PM EST on February 7th.

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