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Rhode Island Get Ready for More Cannabis Stores

Rhode Island could see more adult-use cannabis stores popping up by 2024 thanks to the green light given to the state's Cannabis Control Commission.

The Boston Globe has announced that Kimberly Ahern is set to chair the commission, while Robert Jacquard and Layi Oduyingbo will join as members of the State's Cannabis Control Commission.

Rhode Island Governor Dan McKee's deputy chief of staff, Ahern, is expected to step down from her current position for the new role.

Rhode Island's existing medical marijuana dispensaries have started selling to adults for recreational use since December.

Local cultivators are experiencing an excess of inventory and are urging the government to open more stores to relieve the pressure. According to Ahern, new stores could potentially open by 2024, helping to ease some of the pressure off of the cultivator's inventory.

To ensure that everyone's opinions are taken into account, Ahern plans to gather feedback from all stakeholders, especially those who have been impacted by the prohibition.

"We need to listen to those who are most closely affected by this," Ahern stated.

The newly proposed legislation permits the opening of four cannabis stores in each of the state's six regions.

In every region, there must be a worker-owned co-op and a store owned by a social equity applicant. The allocation of licenses will be up to the commission's evaluation.

The Cannabis Control Commission is working to ensure that Rhode Island's marijuana industry progresses in a safe and equitable manner. With Kimberly Ahern at the helm, it seems like we are on our way to having more adult-use cannabis stores open by 2024.

This will be beneficial for both local cultivators who have excess inventory as well as social equity applicants looking to break into the business. As long as everyone has their say in the process, this could be an exciting development for Rhode Island’s economy and its citizens alike!

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