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Paul O’Grady enjoyed a little smoke before passing away in his chair, widower reveals

The legendary TV star Paul O'Grady apparently lit up a joint before he "kicked the bucket" in his chair at home. His partner spilled the beans at a memorial event, and famous faces like Alan Carr, Amanda Holden, and Dawn French were there to hear all about it.

In a recent article, Portasio shared a heartwarming and bittersweet memory of her time with Paul. They were having a normal day, just chilling at home and watching TV together. Suddenly, Paul casually mentioned that he wanted to make a "cup of tea". Little did they know, this was their secret code for rolling a spliff.

Paul went to the kitchen, and prepared the tea, but instead of making a hot beverage, he lit the spliff and started smoking it. Unbeknownst to them, this would be their last time together, their final moment. Sadly, Paul passed away right there in his chair.

Just this week, an incredible tribute was announced in honor of Paul O'Grady. The veterinary hospital at the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home will bear his name.

Paul, a beloved TV and radio presenter with strong Irish roots, became an ambassador for Battersea in 2012. This came after the immense success of ITV's For The Love Of Dogs, a show that filmed a whopping 11 series at home.

It's a fitting and touching tribute to a man who dedicated his time and love to the welfare of animals.

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