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Over 23,000 Marijuana Cases Erased as Rhode Island Courts Provide Relief to Cannabis Users

Rhode Island's judicial system recently erased over 23,000 records relating to marijuana possession. This marks phase one of the state's efforts to provide relief to cannabis users as directed by both its legalization law and a Supreme Court executive order.

In a recent press release, the judiciary announced that a total of 23,617 cases were expunged across Rhode Island courts. Specifically, 3,015 cases were cleared in the Superior Court, 10,650 in the District Court, and 9,952 cases in the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal.

Courts and law enforcement join forces to offer automated clearing of cannabis convictions following the statewide legalization of cannabis. As a result, State Supreme Court Chief Justice Paul Suttell implemented a procedure for mass expungements via executive order in January.

State Court Administrator, Julie Hamil, announced the successful automatic expungement of marijuana charges, highlighting the impressive coordination efforts at every level of the Judiciary to ensure a timely and comprehensive process.

Government officials are actively working on the second phase of expungement, which will clear cannabis possession records for cases with multiple criminal violations. This process is set to be completed by July 1, 2024.

The court justice's executive order now allows for expedited expungements upon request and the best part? The fees are waived! Simply submit your request and expect a speedy processing time of just five business days.

With the recent automatic expungement of over 23,000 marijuana possession records in Rhode Island, the state is taking significant steps toward providing relief and justice to cannabis users. The coordinated efforts of the judiciary, law enforcement, and government officials have ensured a streamlined and efficient process, aligning with the state's legalization law and Supreme Court executive order.

As the second phase of expungement approaches, individuals with multiple criminal violations can look forward to a clean slate by July 1, 2024. With expedited processing and waived fees, Rhode Island is paving the way for a fair and accessible system for those affected by past cannabis charges.

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