OMMA issues recall on Empire Strains and KushCandy 420 products

By Kayla Johnson | Oklahoma Chronic Magazine | November 4, 2020

Yet another recall has been issued by the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority for products that have failed testing standards.

The products in question are vape cartridges labeled as Empire Strains or Ju-Ju that have Batch Number 153, Lot A on the product labeling. Products that have that label failed the testing required by the OMMA, and they may not be safe for patients to consume.

The OMMA requested patients who purchased these products and have them in their possession should contact Empire Strains, KushCandy420, or the location where it was purchased for more information on recall procedures.

While the OMMA has taken considerable steps in the last year in regards to ensuring products are actually passing testing standards (they issued a recall and later expanded it earlier this year as well), it's apparent that on occasion, products continue to slip through the cracks and reach dispensary shelves. This additional recall underlines the importance of accurate lab testing for businesses and patients alike, and why oversight to ensure the validity of those results is important as well. Contaminated cannabis products can lead to serious side effects, and for cannabis patients already suffering from severe medical problems, it can be especially problematic. Proper testing protects all of us, but especially some of the most fragile of us.

As we learn more about this particular recall, we'll continue to share it here.

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