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Oklahoma Police Make Major Drug Bust, Discover 100 Pounds of Marijuana in Suspect's Car

Oklahoma City police are on the hunt for a burglary suspect who left behind a significant stash of evidence near a busy metro interstate. Using the help of a canine and drone, law enforcement attempted to locate the suspect but was unsuccessful.

The incident began when police received a tip that the suspect may have been involved in a dispensary burglary in Wewoka earlier that day. Upon searching the suspect's vehicle, officers found evidence that matched the crime.

During a routine traffic stop on Interstate 40 near Anderson Road, the situation quickly escalated into a major drug bust and subsequent manhunt. After an officer tried to pull over a speeding driver in a construction zone, the driver abandoned the van on the shoulder of the interstate and fled.

"The driver ran from the van," explained Lieutenant Frank Herrera of the Oklahoma City Police Department.

The suspect managed to evade capture by running across all four lanes of traffic and disappearing into a wooded area.

"We're utilizing a drone and a canine in our search efforts," stated Herrera optimistically.

While the suspect remains at large, police made a significant discovery inside the abandoned vehicle. It was filled to the brim with large trash bags containing freshly cut marijuana plants, complete with licensing tags.

"Based on our initial estimation, there is approximately 100 pounds of marijuana in total. That could increase once we process it," noted Herrera. "We will weigh it, thoroughly process it, and take it from there."

The investigation continues as law enforcement works diligently to track down the elusive suspect.

Police officers discovered several backpacks containing common burglary tools and equipment, as well as a van with potentially illegal jamming devices. These jamming devices, equipped with multiple antennas, are often used by burglars to interfere with security camera frequencies. This clever tactic allows them to carry out burglaries without leaving any footage behind.

If you have any information that could assist with this investigation, please contact the Crime Stoppers tip line at (405) 235-7300.

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