Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Sales on Pace to Double 2019 Numbers

By Therin Miller | The Chronic Magazine | August 21, 2020

Through June the Oklahoma Tax Commission is reporting that retail medical marijuana sales had exceeded $385 million.

That's roughly the equivalent of all Oklahoma medical marijuana sales in 2019.

Oklahoma has been breaking medical marijuana sales records especially early on in the coronavirus pandemic. Sales have now leveled off a bit with a slight drop in the month of June which estimated $74.8 million.

While other states are limit medical conditions that would qualify for a medical marijuana card Oklahoma has no restrictions. And with the issuance of temporary license millions of people from neighboring states are coming to Oklahoma to get the healing effects of medical marijuana.

Oklahoma is currently on track to do roughly $800million this year. According to the Marijuana Business Factbook, Oklahoma is projecting sales will reach $700 - $800 million compared to 2019. According to other industry experts, they believe that Oklahoma will easily be a $925 Million dollar industry by 2025. With numbers like this could Oklahoma have a billion-dollar industry on its hands?

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