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Oklahoma: Marijuana Dispensary Attempted Robbery

BY: Chronic Staff | Recent News | published July 19, 2021

A man was shot in Oklahoma City by the owner of a marijuana dispensary. The man was allegedly trying to rob the place armed with 2 knives as the reports said. He threatened the clerk before he was shot, as per the News 9 report.

Gaia’s Favor owner opened fire when the man tried to rob the dispensary in the northwest part of the city on June 6th afternoon.

The man was in critical condition. He was taken to the OU Medical Center as the station reported.

Lt. Isaac Goodman told Fox25 that the man became extremely agitated and started breaking display cases. He was out of control, said Lt. Goodman. This then led to the clerk and store owner the need to protect themselves as they felt threatened.

Names were not released. Police are reviewing surveillance videos of the incident. The shooting follows an incident in May when a man was shot and killed by a security guard at another dispensary in the city. It was Jobe Bicksler who was shot after getting kicked out of Stability Cannabis Shop and returned to pull out a knife as per the Associated Press report.

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