Oklahoma House Give The Thumbs Up on Expanding Nonresident Medical Marijuana Licenses

The Chronic Staff | Top Shelf News | February 19, 2021

On Thursday, the Oklahoma House approved the expansion of licenses of medical marijuana to residents outside of the state.

This is on a vote of 52-32 in which the House based approval of legislation to extend nonresident licenses. Licenses will be valid from 30 days to two years.

Note that medical marijuana licenses for Oklahoma last two years which in effect shall possibly match the House Bill 2022 from Rep Scott Fetgatter, R-Okmulgee. He will also open nonresident medical marijuana licenses up to residents from all states because currently the eligibility is limited to the residents of states with medical marijuana programs. Anyone who has a license can buy, use and grow medical marijuana in Oklahoma. As per Fetgetter, “It does allow people in all 50 states to come to the state of Oklahoma for their medical needs.”

With regard to the license expiry, he said “There are patients out there that need longer opportunities, whether they have cancer or some other medical issue, so I felt it was necessary to just extend that out so they are not having to constantly renew their license”. Therefore he rallies that it would match the nonresident licenses to those residents of the state.

Getting approval from an Oklahoma doctor and paying $200 for a license that would be approved by Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority are the requirements to qualify nonresidents.

On the other hand, the House also approved House Bill 2023 to allow medical marijuana businesses to transfer licenses if there would be a change of ownership. Rep. Tommy Hardin, R-Madill, had some concerns over companies creating local monopolies by picking up a number of licenses from other medical marijuana businesses.

Both bills shall still go to the state Senate for approval.

Members of the House checked the emergency clauses attached to the bills, which only means that the bills could not take effect right after being signed by the governor. The House can vote again for any provisions on a later date.

Still, it is in progress that Oklahoma House approves expanding medical marijuana licenses. We will watch for the updates and the impact of this on Oklahoma and other states.

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