Oklahoma Cannabis Industry Reaches New High - AGAIN!

Kayla Johnson | The Oklahoma Chronic | June 2, 2020

In case you were wondering, Oklahomans are still crazy for cannabis.

The Oklahoma Tax Commission released its newest numbers, and sales in May came smashing in at $73 million, the highest number since State Question 788 passed and the program came into being. That sky-high number generated over $11.6 million in sales tax revenue for the state; each month has been considerably higher than the last, and with stress levels higher than ever for many, it's unlikely that this trend will change anytime soon.

For Oklahoma, the fact that the industry is thriving in a time when many others are essentially hemorrhaging is a considerable plus; even throughout shutdowns and distancing, dispensary owners found ways to get the patients what they need, making some significant changes to the industry that may be with us from now on, such as more widespread online ordering and even curbside service.

There are thousands of growers, processors, and dispensary business licenses in the state, and while they're half of the puzzle, it's the patients who have really thrown their weight behind the industry. It's no secret that businesses need loyal customers, especially in times like this, and by actually going out and buying $73 million dollars worth of product, all 295,132 (and counting) patients have shown that loyalty in spades; give or take, that's approximately $247 per patient.

In the midst of economic pandemonium for many, Oklahoma's cannabis industry is not only taking its place as a titan on the national stage, but it's also becoming a beacon of hope; even in the chaos, Oklahomans are ready to keep investing in Oklahoma cannabis.

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