New Jersey: Cannabis Homegrow Bill Introduced in the Senate

By Therin Miller | Recent News | March 26, 2021

Advocates are actually fighting home grow prior to New Jersey’s first medical cannabis passed in 2009.

State Senator Vin Gopal ( D-Monmouth) will legalize cannabis home grow. This is specifically for medical and adult use.

S. 3582 was revealed on March 23 in the Senate. It will allow adult-use by one person through cultivation of 6 plants and 10 plants for medical use for 21 and older. On the other hand, if a house has more than one person who is 21 and older, they can grow 12 plants. This is for strict compliance because the charges of homegrow are worse than possession charges and a lot similar to trafficking charges.

Who can grow the plants? The patient or a caregiver can do so in a household who is 21 and older.

Meanwhile, Senator Gerry Cardinale (R-Bergen), who used to be against the legalization, introduced an adult-use homegrow bill early this year. He changed his mind when the referendum passed. Unfortunately, he passed away prior to the final vote.

Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-Gloucester) and Judiciary Chair Nick Scutari ( D-Union) have traditionally supported homegrow.

Assemblyman Herb Conaway (D-Burlington) removed homegrow from the Compassionate Use of Medical Marijuana Act (CUMMA) before it passed the Health Committee he chaired after the bill had passed the State Senate with the homegrow provision.

Growing their own plant would allow individuals and patients to focus on a specific strain that works for their condition without having to worry whether it or something similar will be available for a dispensary.

It is only with the legalization of adult-use cannabis that lawmakers are starting to take an interest in the issue of homegrow.

In reality, some legislators were uninterested in the passage of homegrow simply because it is less likely to generate money.

With the trend of the gardening industry, however and a subsidiary of Scott's Miracle-Gro called Hawthorne which funded the referendum effort, possible that things might change.

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