Military Vets Stuck with Black Market Pot Due to High Legal Prices and Federal Laws


America says it supports its troops, but when it comes to potentially life-saving medical cannabis access, the claim falls flat.

Even as US states finally recognize the multiple benefits offered by legal cannabis, US military veterans continue to face some of the toughest obstacles when it comes to permissive and affordable access.

As Politico recently reported, many veterans are disabled. Although they receive monthly payments from the government to cover their basic living expenses, these veterans cannot often afford licensed, legal cannabis, even in states where weed is legal.

According to Sean Kiernan, the President of the Weed for Warriors Project, a pro-cannabis, non-profit veterans organization, disability checks don’t reliably cover the costs for medical cannabis. Federal medical insurance won’t cover the costs of smokable cannabis, either, since insurance does not generally recognize cannabis as medicine.

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