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Mike Epps spills the beans on Snoop Dogg's secret gig as a worldwide cannabis supplier

From cracking jokes on stage to his side-splitting antics, this comedian knows how to bring the funny. But his most recent story takes the cake.

During an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!", Epps spilled the beans on a wild trip to Iceland he took with his wife. Picture this: being lowered into an active volcano, relaxing in a stunning blue lagoon, and witnessing the incredible northern lights. Sounds amazing, right? Well, hold on to your seats, because it gets even better.

In the midst of all the chaos, Epps hilariously found himself in need of help. And who does he call? None other than Snoop Dogg. Trust us, you won't want to miss hearing about the comedic genius of this unexpected rescue mission.

So, picture this. I'm up there, chasing those mesmerizing northern lights, and I had this sudden craving for some weed. So who do I call? Snoop Dogg, of course! I'm like, "Hey Snoop, you got any connections up here?" And you know what he says? "You know I do, cuz." Turns out he knows a guy in Iceland!

Snoop hooks me up with this dude's address, and let me tell you, it was in the ghetto. They actually have a hood over there. And when I get to the guy's house, I see this little chunky white dude, who legit looks like Bam Bam from the 'Flintstones'. He's got a ponytail on his head and a few teeth missing. And what does he ask me? "Yeah, Snoop Dogg sent you?" And I'm like, "Hell yeah!"

So, I call up Snoop and I'm like, "Man, the eagle has landed." And the whole audience just bursts into laughter as I tell them this insane story.

Guess who showed up on the show last Friday? Snoop! It was his birthday, and he was there to confirm the actor's story. When asked about helping Mike get weed, Snoop responded in his usual funny style, saying, "Last time I checked, I was the plug to your plug. I'm the connect!" He went on to explain how having well-connected friends can get you high no matter where you are.

Snoop's love for weed is a huge part of his image, and he even jumped into the legal marijuana industry in 2015 with Leafs By Snoop products. And now, in late December 2022, he's going even further by announcing Death Row Cannabis. Snoop is really taking his passion to new heights!

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