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Masked Bandits Steal ATM from Cannabis Dispensary in Maryland

An audacious heist took place at a Linthicum cannabis dispensary when three burglars, completely masked, raided the establishment. According to the Anne Arundel County Police Department, the incident occurred in the early hours of Monday morning.

The alarm bells rang shortly after 3 a.m., prompting officers to rush to the scene on Elkridge Landing Road. As they arrived, they were met with shattered glass doors at Green Point Wellness.

Interestingly, the perpetrators had their sights set solely on the ATM machine located in the front lobby. No other items were taken from the store, as confirmed by Cpl. Chris Anderson, the spokesperson for the police department.

The daring burglars wasted no time, forcefully opening several interior doors before making off with the coveted ATM. Hauling their loot, they loaded the machine into a newer model Ford truck, painted in an inconspicuous gray shade, and made a swift getaway.

Authorities are urgently seeking information regarding a recent robbery at Green Point Wellness in Linthicum. Detectives are currently reviewing security footage and need your help. If you have any information, please contact (410) 222-6135 or the Tip Line at (410) 222-4700. Your assistance could be pivotal in solving this case.

Green Point Wellness, which opened its doors in February 2018, has become a popular destination for cannabis enthusiasts. With cash being the primary form of payment in most dispensaries, this incident highlights the need for increased security measures in the industry.

Maryland's recent legalization of recreational cannabis has not only provided adults with access to the drug but also prompted adjustments to the taxation and regulatory system. A 9% tax on recreational sales will fund initiatives aimed at supporting communities affected by the war on drugs.

In July alone, cannabis retailers in Maryland sold an astonishing $85 million worth of products. Join the growing movement and stay informed about the evolving landscape of cannabis in our state.

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