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Man Arrested and Tell Investigators he Made $2,000 a Day with Marijuana Vending Machine

By Therin Miller | May 3. 2022

Detroit, Michigan - The federal agents seized a unique vending machine form outside of an Detroit home last month. It didn't sell snacks, but rather appeared to be stocked with marijuana and pills.

In the complaint, it was said that Mr. Marcellus Cornwell made up to $2000 a day from this machine for four years in total which equates to nearly $1.6 million dollars per year.

The judge released Cornwell on a $10,000 unsecured bond with restrictions that include travel limitations and reporting requirements. Cornwall is no longer allowed to operate the vending machine or run a vending business.

“Whether it’s snacks that you’re thinking of having installed in your home or on the side of your home with the vending machine, just don’t do it,” U.S. District Magistrate Judge Jonathan J.C. Grey ordered Cornwell at his April 28 initial court appearance. “This is a unique case that’s been brought to the court’s attention and the court is concerned about the ease with which you allegedly provided narcotics for others.”

The federal government charged Cornwell with being a convicted felon in possession of firearms, which is punishable by up to 10 years imprisonment after ATF agents seized 18 guns and ammo from his home during their recent raid.

Agents seized $12,700 in cash from Cornwell's home. The complaint said he had an employee who also lived with him and made most of his income from vending machines that sold marijuana.

Agents with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Division (ATF) began following Cornwell after information was received indicating he was selling drugs to minors.

Cornwall is scheduled for his preliminary examination on May 19, 2022, in U.S. District Court Detroit, Michigan.


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