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Love Is in the Air and So Is Weed This Valentine's Day

By: Marie Scarci | February 8, 2023

Valentine's Day is coming up, and it looks like the thing to gift your sweetheart isn't roses or chocolates - but cannabis! A recent study revealed that a majority of U.S. adults over 21 are looking forward to gifting marijuana this February 14th. An even more surprising statistic? Parents were found to be much more likely than those without children when it comes to giving gifts including weed in their holiday plans.

A new survey has revealed a widening acceptance of cannabis in the United States. Commissioned by multi-state operator Verano Holdings and conducted by Wired Research, 961 Americans aged 18 or over were polled between January 24 - 29 2023 to gauge their attitudes toward marijuana and its associated purchasing behaviors. Results indicated an increased interest as well as more personal usage when it comes to cannabis across America.

The latest study offers an interesting glimpse at the facts and figures behind its findings and here's what to take from it.

A recent study showed that a startling number of American adults believe marijuana positively affects their sexual experience. With nearly one in four people claiming cannabis use enhances their performance.

This Valentine's Day, men are embracing cannabis in higher numbers than women. The study revealed that 66% of males plan to incorporate marijuana into their celebrations compared with 57% of females.

The study showed this Valentine's Day is set to be a unique one, as Gen Z and Millennials are almost 15% more likely than previous generations (Gen X & Boomers) to include cannabis in their celebrations.

This Valentine's Day, Americans in the Northeast seem to be setting a trend of cannabis use and gifting. According to survey results, 66% of adults planning on using or giving away marijuana come from this region compared with 55%, 61%, and 63% respectively for Midwest, West & South regions. Accessibility may be an underlying factor driving this emerging movement toward incorporating marijuana into Valentine's festivities!

The cannabis industry is taking off in a big way on the East Coast, with more than four states - Connecticut, New York, Vermont, and New Jersey – launching legal recreational programs over the past 12 months. This has increased regional interest in this lucrative sector even further as citizens look to embrace their newfound freedoms.

With cannabis consumption gaining legal status and its use becoming more socially accepted, it's no surprise that many are wondering how to incorporate the beloved herb into their Valentine’s Day celebration. Do you have any creative ideas for incorporating cannabis this February 14th? Let us know your unique thoughts in the comments below!

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