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Kristen Bell's Happy Dance CBD products are the Latest Victim of the Hard Economic Times

Updated: Jan 27

By: Marie Scarci | January 27, 2023

Photo Credit: Happy Dance Ad

Just two years after popular entertainer Kristen Bell entered the exciting world of CBD skincare with her Happy Dance line with Cronos Group, an Ontario-based company she announced that they are sadly closing down production effective January 27th. This news comes as a disappointment to many fans who have been eagerly awaiting their next dose of joy from this beloved brand.

a post on the Happy Dance Instagram page reads "*Insert long, dramatic, drawn-out sigh* as we enter the last week that Happy Dance® products will be available on our website... You can also find Happy Dance® products for a limited time at CVS, TJMaxx, Marshalls and HomeGoods."

In response to a dramatic 76% decline in U.S. revenues, Cronos has made the difficult decision to close its much-loved Happy Dance operations and reduce related operating expenses.

Bell said in 2020: “I discovered CBD through the Lord Jones brand in 2017 and was blown away by its quality, integrity and consistency." Cronos acquired Lord Jones for $319 million in 2019.

Working mom and entrepreneur Bell found her happy place in the form of CBD skincare, which inspired her to create a line of accessible bath and body care products- Happy Dance! She passionately crafted every aspect from formulations to packaging. Now available for everyone looking for an indulgent yet affordable way to show self-love.

Bell embraced the modern definition of self-care; as a working mom, she understands that taking care of yourself means more than just spa days. That's why Bell was determined to turn this understanding into something tangible and created an inexpensive but high-quality line of CBD bath and body products called Happy Dance.

After countless hours spent fine-tuning formulations and packaging design - her hard work has finally come together. Sadly it seems that the Happy Dance products are the next victim of overcrowding in the industry and the hard economic times.

With the CBD product market exploding in recent years, brands have been operating a bit of a free-for-all. With little official guidance from the FDA, many companies had to rely solely on their marketing savvy and unfortunately, this often resulted in trouble with regulators for overstated claims made online.

However, those days may finally be behind us now that stricter regulations are officially out from the FDA - an exciting set of guidelines that is sure to bring some much-needed clarity into what has become an overcrowded space.

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