Jay-Z and Beyonce: Weed, Aliens and a New Music Collaboration?

420 Gossip | April 23, 2022

Jay-Z and Beyonce were all over social media this weekend after they allegedly saw Aliens. The two were said to have been trying out Jay-Z's new weed from his company monogram when they suddenly saw a spaceship hovering over their house. "It was amazing," said Beyonce of the experience. "I've never seen anything like it."

"I can believe they saw aliens"

It's unclear what the two were doing before they saw the spaceship, "I can believe they saw aliens," said one fan. "They're the perfect couple and I'm so so happy they're together." Others are skeptical, saying that the sighting is a sign that the two are about to launch a new music collaboration called 'Aliens'. Only time will tell!


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