Fresh Pressed Rosin

And the abundant selection available of Cannabis Concentrates.

Melissa Hall | The Chronic Magazine

Wax, Shatter, Badder, Budder, Resin, Sugar Wax, if you recognize any of these words then you are probably familiar with the abundant selection available of Cannabis Concentrates. The Concentrate Craze has swept over the Oklahoma Cannabis Market, leaving patients scrambling for the strongest, best quality, and Best Buy on concentrates. I decided that starting the year off with not only a concentrate review, but also a review of the extraction method itself seemed quite fitting for 2020. I heard the guys down at Fire Industry OKC let patients use their Rosin press, and they could use any flower they wanted. So, the choice was easy, to Fire Industry to make my own fresh-pressed Rosin. THC Bomb Rosin, made from Fire Industry’s own top-shelf flower, to be exact. Before we get to the Rosin, the flower had to be selected. They said about 5 grams of flower will yield about .75 grams of Rosin. The top shelf at Fire Industry screamed my name, and the elusive THC Bomb strain was an obvious choice. The Bomb’s lineage is actually unknown. It is a great anytime smoke with balanced effects that also pack a punch with testing numbers always consistently high, so for my first Rosin press go round, The THC Bomb it was.

The difference between the long list of concentrate options is quite simple. Texture and extraction method. Rosin is a solventless concentrated extract made by pressing flower with heated plates to squeeze the oils out of the flower. What comes out is a sticky resin-like oil that can be vaporized with your choice of smoking method. Eg. Dab rig, Nail, Banger. Rosin falls under the umbrella of “Extracts”, which are concentrated cannabis products that often come in a sticky, resinous form. No chemicals of any kind are used to make Rosin, making it a popular choice with everyone. I will admit, I did not do the extraction process myself. For fear of inevitability breaking something on the press, one of the Fire Industry guys did the press.

The extraction process relied on temperature, pressure and time.. To get as much Rosin out as possible, low temperature is key, High heat is what reduces the quality of the concentrate. High heat will evaporate essential terpenes and can oxidize cannabinoids.Getting all the extract out on the first press is ideal it seems, as each press can cause a decrease in quality, producing the darker resin with lower content in terps. You may get a lower quantity but, pressing your Rosin the right way will give you absolutely amazing quality. The flower was placed between a fold of parchment paper and was fed through the plates. Slowly the light-colored gooey goodness oozed from the plates. In less than 5 minutes I had my fresh THC bomb Rosin. It was such an easy process! Proving why Rosin is a go-to for solventless lovers.

Now, to check out my Rosin. The color was much lighter than Rosin I had seen in dispensaries. A light almond hue that was remarkably shiny coated the Rosin. Surprisingly, the Rosin was not super sticky or gooey after extracted. It had a firm density and texture. Of course, if you over handle it, like any concentrate, you will have a gooey nightmare. This Rosin definitely has eye appeal with its light color and perfect form. The smell is even better. A terpene extravaganza is displayed with one whiff. Intense and bold, this particular Rosin gives an unmatched scent profile of citrus, pine, and skunky sweetness. The taste is the ultimate bonus though, with a powerful profile that exactly matches that exceptional aroma. The low citrus notes are hit by a subtle skunk flavor that has an earthy sweet and sour taste. The overall effects of this treat are an overall relaxed sensation that leaves your body feeling the right amount of couch lock, without being stuck. The mind is energized without an overwhelming Sativa Buzz. Pressing your own Rosin was an exceptional experience that yielded an even more exceptional product. Thanks to the guys at Fire Industry OKC for the experience. I highly recommend fresh-pressed Rosin.

Remember to always medicate responsibly and Stay Lit Oklahoma.

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