Is It Worth Spending on Edibles and How Long Does It Last?

BY: Chronic Staff | Recent News | November 26, 2021

Edibles are anything that you put in your mouth and swallow. It covers a multitude of products and substances. Other than smoking, cannabis can go from your mouth to your stomach.

Edible highs take 4-6 hours. It actually depends on the situation you are in but for the most part, you will still enjoy a good, long enough high. Some cannabis enthusiasts have claimed to go up to 12 hours high from a single good quality edible.

Some products that will substantially give a range of 2 - 4 hours effect include dissolvable strips, tinctures, oils, isolates, and distillates.

Edible highs last that long due to the cannabinoids that take a route reaching the receptor of the body and brain where they give the impact. When you ingest an edible, it goes to the stomach down to your liver, and through the bloodstream before it reaches your brain. The whole process takes time and it does not happen immediately. Digestion takes time as well.

Basically, it is a combination of slow digestion and the process that the cannabinoids have to go through in the body that makes high last long. It is still worth spending on edibles to some for the convenience and the duration of high they experience.

The factors that make it so are not limited to strain, cannabinoid content, quality, dose, and environment.

It is important for those who are on medical marijuana to estimate the time of effect for example for nausea or OCD prevention. Others are purely for recreational purposes.

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