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“I’m Drunk and on Mushrooms" - Joe Rogan Opens New Comedy Club in Austin

Joe Rogan's highly anticipated comedy club, Comedy Mothership in Austin is off to a roaring start. After recently opening its doors as a haven for comedians and entertainers seeking immunity from cancel culture, the shows are already sold out this month with the former UFC color commentator himself headlining multiple gigs.

His opening night was a stellar success, setting the benchmark for future performers. Audiences were left in awe of his performance and will be eagerly awaiting what's next from him.

Rogan was quoted saying, “I’m drunk and on mushrooms in my new club!” and went on to say, “This is as high as I’ve ever been onstage. I need to connect with this moment. You can’t fire me from my own club, bitch!”

Joe Rogan announced his decision to relocate from the crowded streets of Los Angeles in the summer of 2020. Citing overcrowding and economic despair as driving factors in this decision, Rogan shared he was looking for a more accessible place to travel between East Coast and West Coast while still enjoying more freedom than life on the coasts offered him, that's why he chose Texas.

About the building

Rogan chose a building with lots of history and character as the venue for his new comedy club, the building was originally the Ritz. Built in 1929, the Ritz theater was a pioneering venue for entertainment on Austin's 6th Street. Owned by J.J. Hegman of several movie theaters in town, it opened its doors to much fanfare. It quickly became known as the first dedicated talkies theatre around - screening newly released westerns alongside country music acts who performed before each show! The theatre operated successfully until 1964 when curtains were drawn for good.

In 1970, the theater underwent a dramatic transformation as it re-opened its doors and embraced multiple forms of entertainment. From classical music to live theatre performances and movies, The venue provided an eclectic mix for patrons - although this was short-lived due to closure in 1975. A couple of years later it saw yet another revival by Center Stage Theatre Group; however, their reign proved to be just as short-lived as well.

In 1981, this venue became a legendary punk rock club that opened its doors in Austin, Texas. It quickly gained momentum and hosted shows for iconic bands of that era such as Black Flag, The Misfits, Hüsker Dü, and Minor Threat which pioneered the rise of hardcore sound into popular music culture. Unfortunately due to violence at several concerts by early 1982, they lost their liquor license forcing them to close up shop.

Since the 80s, The Ritz has been an iconic venue for music in Texas - hosting everything from local bands to heavy metal. But arguably its most famous show was when it welcomed the Red Hot Chili Peppers on November 23, 1986.

The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema announced the relocation of its original downtown theater, which opened in 1997, to Austin's historic Ritz Theatre on March 20th, 2007. Construction began on April 1st and culminated with a grand opening celebration on November 2nd that same year -- marking the chain’s flagship theatre. However, after nearly 15 years of screening films for local movie fans at this iconic venue came to an abrupt halt as part of their Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing announcement amidst the COVID-19 pandemic fallout in early 2021.

Comedian, podcaster, and commentator Joe Rogan purchased the Austin building in 2022 which has now been transformed into 'The Comedy Mothership'. Renovations were overseen by Richard Weiss of the city's architecture firm that transformed this iconic building into a top comedic destination designed to draw stars from around the globe.

Photo: Comedy Mothership

Joe Rogan is no stranger to success. From his world-renowned role as UFC PPV commentator, touted by many fans and pundits alike as the "best ever," to hosting one of the most popular podcasts on Spotify - 'The Joe Rogan Experience' – it's clear that he knows how to make a great impression! His skill in and out of the octagon has earned him worldwide fame while amassing a large fortune.

Fans of Joe Rogan will be delighted to know that the renowned comedian/commentator is bringing his signature style back for a slew of shows at his new comedy club this month. He'll then return to the UFC octagon on April 8th in Miami, for UFC 287.

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