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Hidden Farms, Hidden Pastry - Strain Review

BY Melissa Hall | Strain Review

Back on the hunt again, and reminiscent of good smoke past, I was thinking about last year when I ran across a quite exceptional grow of the strain Hidden Pastry (Secret cookies x Kush Mints). It quickly became a new favorite strain of mine and I’ve had my eye on the grower of my beloved Hidden Pastry every since that day. Imagine my surprise when I literally stumbled across something so spectacular on sight alone, that I knew I had to share it with everyone. To top it off, this marvelous find was grown by the same farm as that Hidden Pastry. Hideaway Farms, out of Tonkawa, Oklahoma. Known for their impressive pheno-hunting skills, stellar genetics, and very admirable “good neighbor” reputation, Brian Kugel, the owner of Hideaway Farms, and the rest of the guys have made a name for themselves as top-shelf contenders across the state. An extended background in solventless and solvent hash, edibles, and growing organic made Hamilton Martyn-Farewell the perfect fit for a lead grower at Hideaway. “Our mission at Hideaway Farms is to cultivate top-shelf organic cannabis with a small carbon footprint” Martyn-Farewell stated in reference to what is really at the heart of the farm.

"Our mission at Hideaway Farms is to cultivate top-shelf organic cannabis with a small carbon footprint"

Now, back to that remarkable flower that so flauntingly caught my eye. An instantaneous fan favorite and Indica Lover crowd-pleaser, Slurricaine has become a household name for experienced Cannabis users worldwide. Bred by In House Genetics, this offspring of Do-si-Dos (Face-Off OG x Girl Scout Cookies) and Purple Punch (Larry OG x Grand Daddy Purple) is truly representative of its drunken, stormy namesake. If Sunset Sherbet is the heir to the proverbial Girl Scout Cookie throne then Slurricaine rightfully takes its place as the heir apparent successor to reign over the Purple Punch dynasty. The effects of Slurricaine are Intoxicating and synonymously well known as the popular Hybrid. It is said to be a strong-leaning Indica Hybrid by even the most seasoned Cannabis users. But, it is the unmistakably aesthetic bag appeal that will draw you in first and foremost.

In true centerfold fashion, Slurricaine is a strain you can almost always depend on for true Cannabis glamour. Deep purple hues are highlighted with violet flashes of color against a faint emerald and exceedingly frosty white canvas. Trichomes overcrowd the spectrum of shades. Fiery orange hairs stand out and add a whimsical touch to the picture-perfect nugs. The impeccably dense buds are symmetrical and consistent giving the Hybrid winning structure. A long, perfect cure tops off the package. The perfect amount of moisture remains in the flower, making it smooth and not harsh. Slurricaine may have the look that the others may only dream about, but she is more than just another pretty face. Remember those intoxicating effects? Well, first the aroma is a bit intoxicating itself. The terps show up for business as in most In House Genetic strains. Sweet and spicy blueberries, strawberries and cranberries, creamy vanilla, and tropical fruity notes come on strong but are quickly overthrown by the gassy and earthy fumes representative of that OG ancestry. The one-of-a-kind, deep, dank aroma definitely screams heavy hitter. The flavor of this instant classic is complex and leaves your palate pleasingly confused. Berry bursts blend with the fuel taste of the Kush side. A creamy, sweet, and smooth contrast satisfies thoroughly through each inhale and leaves a very memorable impression.

Finally, those killer effects really put Slurricaine on the map. The terpy aroma and flavor are exceptional, to say the least, the stop and stare bag appeal is outstanding but it is the highly meditative and mildly sedative effects that make this one a frequent buy for so many. Some people say the effects are slightly psychedelic in nature with a carefree resolve of consciousness being the result. Stress and Anxiety can be wiped away instantly as a cerebral wave hits first. The onset of the physical effect takes a bit more time but once it starts, there’s no going back. It’s a gradual progression into a fully relaxed state. Whether you call it couch lock or not, this smooth, relaxing feeling eases your muscles, soothes the mind, and is definitely going to be great for insomnia. Slurricaine may remind you of a tropical, frozen treat, don’t underestimate this one. It is the real deal, my friends. The guys over at Hideaway did an exquisite job with their grow of Slurricaine, they have earned their rightful place on any top-shelf.

Always remember to medicate responsibly and Stay Lit.

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