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Hearing Scheduled to Challenge Adult-Use Cannabis on Florida Ballot

Florida Supreme Court to Decide Fate of Cannabis Legalization Initiative on November 8, 2024

The fate of an adult-use cannabis legalization initiative in Florida will be decided by the state's highest court on November 8th. This crucial decision will determine whether the initiative can appear on the November 2024 ballot, allowing voters to voice their opinions on the matter. The proposed wording of the initiative must be approved by the court before it can proceed. Stay tuned for the latest updates on this important development.

After hearing arguments from both sides, including the Smart & Safe Florida adult-use advocacy campaign and Republican Attorney General Ashley Moody, the high court is expected to make a decision soon.

With over 1 million signatures from registered voters, the recreational marijuana legalization campaign has a strong case to qualify the proposed constitutional amendment for next year's ballot.

However, Attorney General Moody is challenging the initiative, raising questions about whether it meets Florida Statutes' requirements.

In her August court filing, Moody argued that the measure is a sneaky attempt by Trulieve Cannabis Corp., the main supporter of Safe & Smart, to gain complete control over Florida's marijuana industry. Trulieve, the state's biggest medical marijuana company, has provided almost all of the $40 million raised by the Smart & Safe campaign.

The odds are against the legalization initiative in Florida, based on past history.

Recent reports reveal that the Florida Supreme Court has dismissed five out of nine voter initiatives it has examined. Moreover, there is a significant connection between the court and Governor Ron DeSantis, who appointed a majority of the justices and openly opposed recreational marijuana.

It's an uphill battle for those advocating for the legalization of marijuana in Florida.

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