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Get Smacked in Greenwich Village - NY's Second Legal Pot Shop Has Grand Opening

By: Marie Scarci | January 24, 2023

Roland Connor speaking at the grand opening of Smacked
Photo Credit: ABC7NY

Hopes of a greener future are finally taking root in New York City. On Tuesday morning, the city welcomed its second recreational marijuana dispensary--a noteworthy feat as it is owned by an individual with a previous conviction for Cannabis-related offenses. The opening marks another historic milestone toward legalizing cannabis throughout the country.

Crowds of excited citizens flocked to the newest cannabis retailer on Bleeker Street in Greenwich Village called Smacked.

The opening not only celebrated newfound recreational opportunities for many but also marked an important step towards justice – offering relief from years-long legal troubles faced by those who were harshly punished for marijuana offenses.

The news of Roland Conner as one of the owners has been met with much enthusiasm from customers near and far. Despite having a prior marijuana-related conviction, his son Darius will join in running the business together - showing that the state's equity program is being welcomed despite initial studies suggesting otherwise.

New York cannabis consumers are relieved to finally purchase products from reputable and trustworthy sources, enjoying the security of knowing that their purchases will meet health standards after a shaky start during early legalization.

Darius Conner said, "I'm actually proud of my dad. He seen me going in a path he didn't want me to, and he helped me out, and this is where we are now."

At the grand opening of the newest cannabis dispensary in New York, numerous patrons were inspired by Conner's actions and were eager to learn more about how they can apply and benefit from this groundbreaking program.

New York has recently joined the growing list of US states with legalized recreational cannabis use. To ensure you don't find yourself in a compromising situation, make sure to double-check public policy before consuming your adult-use cannabis - as there may be certain areas where this is not allowed or considered legal!

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