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Get lit with downtown Buffalo's newest cannabis dispensary

In an exciting development, Dank cannabis dispensary owner, Aaron Van Camp, has received official approval from the state of New York to finally open his shop.

Van Camp said, "We've got reefer for sale, Tomorrow (at) 4:20 first licensed sale and then the doors are open."

Buffalo's first state-licensed dispensary, situated at 501 Main Street in the heart of downtown, faced unexpected challenges despite the city's supportive and welcoming attitude. The process of opening the establishment proved to be arduous and chaotic, surpassing the founder's initial expectations.

Van Camp stated, "We feel blessed to be open," and went on to say, "There's a lot of people that aren't open that should be open. They (The government) have to get it right soon somehow."

"I'm just here trying to sell as much weed as I can to help the people out. But there's some things that have to be done to make the program right. So I hope that they are getting it right soon." he said.

Dank's opening date has been continuously shifting and according to Van Camp, the original plan was to have a soft opening approximately eight weeks ago, but that did not happen. Instead, for the past eight weeks, they have been providing the media with tentative opening dates, which have been repeatedly postponed.

Most recently, Van Camp mentioned that they were considering a low-key soft opening on Tuesday, followed by a grand opening over the weekend.

However, as news began to spread, the plans started to evolve, and the soft opening became less low-key.

Van Camp announced that the store is fully stocked and prepared to open on Tuesday, offering a wide range of products such as beverages, edibles, vapes, and flowers. Furthermore, customers can expect a continuous influx of new and diverse items.

After a long and challenging journey, the wait is finally over for Dank cannabis dispensary in Buffalo, New York. Owner Aaron Van Camp's persistence has paid off as he received official approval from the state to open his shop. The anticipation has been palpable, with shifting opening dates and continuous updates.

Now, the doors of Buffalo's first state-licensed dispensary are ready to swing open at 501 Main Street, bringing a wide array of cannabis products to eager customers. From beverages to edibles, vapes to flower, Dank has curated a diverse selection that is sure to satisfy a range of preferences. The hard work and determination that went into making this dream a reality is a testament to the resilience of the cannabis industry and its unwavering commitment to serving the needs of the community. As Dank opens its doors, it marks not only a milestone for Aaron Van Camp but also a significant step forward for the state of New York's cannabis landscape.

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