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Get Ahead of the Competition at CannaCon Mississippi

By: Marie Scarci | Februaury 10, 2023

Photo Credit: Canncon web page

Mississippi's first CannaCon is coming to Biloxi this month! Join in at the largest cannabis conference of its kind, on February 24 and 25th. Celebrate legalization with informative seminars, showcasing exhibitors from all over the country - it promises an exciting weekend for Mississippi residents alike.

Cannabis legalization has been a major source of debate across the United States. With citizens increasingly favoring it in the medical sector, even traditionally opposed regions such as 'the bible belt' are beginning to accept cannabis use. Arkasas, Oklahoma and Missouri have all seen the benefits from legalization of cannabis and the revenue it has brought in for the state also.

For anyone interested in learning more and exploring business opportunities within this exciting new industry, CannaCon South is offering an exclusive platform for education and networking! The two-day conference features seminars covering various topics related to cannabis usage, including access on the showroom floor itself - not forgetting that each ticket also includes entry into an afterparty!

Get ready for some exciting and informative cannabis education, as the event does NOT require a medical card and offers on-site consultations with Kaya Life. Looking for hands-on learning? Check out their Bud Room add-on experience - five hours of training from expert professionals, Mississippi Cannabis School, that will help you qualify to work at a medical dispensary in no time. Don't miss this amazing opportunity to become part of an up-and-rising industry in MS!

CannaCon is the leading event for entrepreneurs looking to jumpstart their cannabis-based business. Get up close and personal with industry experts offering invaluable guidance on everything from cultivation, extraction technology and retail insights to legal advice, scientific trends, branding and more! Connect with passionate innovators as you both aim to help cultivate a rapidly growing sector of the economy.

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