F.A.S.T. Laboratories surrenders operating license, avoids fines

By Kayla Johnson | Oklahoma Chronic Magazine | October 7, 2020

After it was announced in August that F.A.S.T. Laboratories was under investigation by the OMMA, it's been reported today that the Tulsa business will avoid paying fines resulting from allegedly falsified test results for the cannabis industry.

According to Samantha Vincent at the Tulsa World, a form of surrender was signed September 23 by owner Kyle Felling, though the reasoning for surrendering the license listed on the form referenced disputes among management, and not the dozens of falsified test results uncovered during the OMMA investigation.

While F.A.S.T. Labs has been able to avoid the fines they faced before surrendering their business license, it's unlikely that this is the last piece of the story, and the company's owner faces further legal troubles. According to Vincent, further issues continue to press on Felling, who, despite marketing himself as a resident, was not listed on the facility's application for a license, and is not a resident of the state.

The OMMA's investigation has been a long-winding one, though it's proven fruitful by eliminating a potential danger within Oklahoma's cannabis industry; allowing falsified results to be passed off puts patients and businesses alike at risk, and when individuals work to find a way around the system and regulations, it puts a stain on the industry as a whole. Weeding these dangerous business practices out (pun intended) is the only way to ensure a safe, fair industry for all.

We've reached out to the OMMA and F.A.S.T. Labs for comment, and will continue to update the story as we learn more.

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