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Exciting Opportunity: Seized Marijuana Farm in Oklahoma Up for Auction, Your Chance to Own 19 Acres

Former Illegal Marijuana Grow Farm in Johnston County Up for Auction

Johnston County Sheriff's Office announces auction of 19.24-acre lot near Coleman, previously used for illegal marijuana growth.

Mark your calendars for September 11-13 for the online auction where bidding starts at $755,006.

Sheriff Gary Dodd emphasizes the importance of responsible property ownership and sends a clear message to anyone using their farm for illegal activities - we will seize and sell it.

Discover the Disturbing Reality: Illegal Marijuana Farms Running Rampant in Oklahoma

Despite legalizing the cultivation, use, and possession of medicinal marijuana five years ago, Oklahoma is grappling with an alarming surge in illegal cannabis operations. Unveil the shocking truth behind the thriving black market that brazenly grows and distributes substantial quantities of marijuana nationwide.

The black market cannabis trade has resulted in severe consequences including labor trafficking and prostitution. In a particularly disturbing incident, Wu Chen, a former employee at an Oklahoma marijuana farm, allegedly murdered four fellow workers when he demanded the return of $300,000 that he had invested in the illegal operation.

Illegal marijuana grow operations are frequently targeted and raided by local and state agencies, resulting in the confiscation of millions of dollars worth of illicitly produced cannabis. One such operation near Coleman led to the seizure of approximately 20,000 illegally grown marijuana plants, which had a street value of over $30 million. This farm was just one of the many locations that were raided during a series of operations that took place over a few weeks, two summers ago.

Exciting Update: More Government Real Estate Contracts Coming to Oklahoma

The Johnston County Sheriff's Office has chosen Bid4Assets, a leading online marketplace for distressed real estate, to conduct their upcoming online auction. This collaboration between Bid4Assets, sheriffs, and foreclosure attorneys has resulted in new legislation allowing foreclosure auctions to take place online. Thanks to the efforts of Sen. Casey Murdock, R-Felt, Gov. Kevin Stitt signed Senate Bill 976 into law on May 25, 2022.

President Jesse Loomis of Bid4Assets has confirmed that the company has additional contracts in the pipeline for Oklahoma. They are confident that virtual sales will soon become the norm.

For those interested in bidding on the farm near Coleman, it is necessary to register for a free Bid4Assets account and provide a refundable bid deposit of $25,000. Remember, deposits must be made by September 6. Don't miss out on this opportunity!

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