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Ever Dream of Public Consumption Places? Weed Lounges Coming Soon

BY: Chronic Staff | Recent News | December 20, 2021

In Las Vegas, there is a place dubbed as “superstore” that has 30,000 square feet of space with a cafe, a bar, and a cannabis processing center all behind a majestic glass wall. It is Planet 13 on the Strip. Customers can view different ways used for creating cannabis products. I am sure many are amazed but are still wanting to know when there would be a place to smoke weed in a grand place like this. A place to smoke legally would be a dream come true.

Great news because this will change very soon because Nevada is the latest state to allow cannabis consumption lounges. It is a matter of gaining mainstream acceptance. So many dispensaries take action and create plans already on how to open the first state-sanctioned lounges by 2022 while regulators ponder on how to oversee the businesses.

Pot lounge politics is evolving with the constant shift of views around the substance. Colorado and Washington were the first states to legalize adult-use in 2012. Alaska first adopted the law on cannabis consumption lounges. Other states have since followed through. Meanwhile, Planet 13’s lounge can never be short of Vegas-style excess. It is planning on an 8,500 square-foot consumption lounge with a staircase leading to a 5,000 square-foot mezzanine that will showcase a 4-inch deep splash pool so anyone can dance in the water while consuming cannabis as the co-CEO Larry Scheffler shared. He added that it will be nothing like it in the world when completed.

At this point, no major U.S. city in any weed-legal state has matched Amsterdam's destination where consumers can freely light up in cannabis cafes. Las Vegas could be the one to fill it soon.

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