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Erykah Badu: From Hits to Her High-End Cannabis Company and Controversial Documentary Plans

By: Marie Scarci | March 1, 2023

Photo Credit: Cookies

On International Women’s Day, Erykah Badu - the celebrated five-time Grammy Award winner and beloved "Godmother of Soul" is making her debut into the cannabis industry with an exciting new product line called That Badu. Celebrating women everywhere in honor of this special day, shoppers can now purchase prerolls and eighth grams at Cookies storefront locations across California. Plus a full range of other distinct products such as bongs, rolling trays, and edibles tailored to female consumers from one of music's greatest icons!

Badu said, “We’ve been working on this collab for a couple of years so we are finally connected and ready.”

Hip-hop icon Erykah Badu has joined forces with Cookies founder Berner, the mogul behind one of America's leading cannabis empires. Together they are working on a new line of products that will drop this May - including Mushroom Tea! “If it’s helpful, I feel whole about it," shared Badu about their collaborative project.

Doula and cannabis advocate Badu has highlighted the importance of cannabinoids for women. She argues that there is much potential with regard to research in this area and further exploration could help shift outdated taboos around marijuana and women. Remarking on her close connection to natural hemp and cannabis-infused products such as creams, oils, drops spray tinctures teas, and edibles that are great aids when it comes to empowering relaxation within our central nervous system.

Erykah Badu is dedicated to breaking down the taboos surrounding women and cannabis. She plans to create a documentary aptly titled "Pussy & Weed" that’ll feature conversations with an array of women, including sex workers, hemp farmers, and CBD business owners - what she calls “the power of women in marijuana and marijuana in women." With an aim to remain female-friendly, Erykah Badu suggested the possibility of stealth tampon packaging being used for her pre-rolls in the future.

Erykah Badu's cannabis line has something for everyone, according to the Grammy Award winner, her range of pre-rolls is particularly beneficial and convenient for those on the go - especially busy women. "It’s not just about me creating a product; it’s really more so that I want people to understand and learn all of the medicinal properties this astounding plant offers," she muses, emphasizing how different walks of life can benefit from its amazing effects.

Erykah Badu has long dreamed of launching her own cannabis line, with multiple people asking her to do so in the past. The Texas resident wanted to dive into this world but only felt comfortable doing so after understanding not just the product itself, but also its legalities around it. As a Texas resident, where cannabis still isn't legal, it was hard for her to find the necessary information to make her comfortable starting this new business venture.

For Badu, it's part of her creative ritual - helping to sharpen focus, boost confidence and open up new ideas in the musical realm. It provides an escape from the hustle and bustle that can sometimes consume daily life while contributing towards moments she describes as "where I can be fully me without all the chatter."

Photo Credit: Cookies

The strain in That Badu is an aromatic and uplifting blend of Lemoncello crossed with the ever-popular Jet Fuel Gelato. This unique combination gives off sharp, lemony aromas that immediately soothe and relax consumers. As Badu states, it provides flavors of "melon and lemon drops" tastes which many have likened to tasting like a refreshing glass of lemon balm tea. Berner states he had been saving this strain for some time now and was looking forward to its release.

Badu is taking a step into the ancillary product market with her new brand, Apple Trees. Working alongside Cris Parker (aka Cold Cris), she has created an entire line of rolling trays, bongs, and smoking accessories harkening back to ancient Chinese Qinghua ceramics - all available now on Badu World Market! Featuring timeless blue-and-white motifs in its packaging, this exclusive collection is sure to stand out like a beacon on smoke shop shelves worldwide.

Erykah Badu has been working hard to make her home state of Texas a healthier and more convenient place for all. She is currently in the process of obtaining a license for medical cannabis, as part of her company Apple Tree's mission. Berner, a mentor and friend throughout this journey has accompanied Badu every step along the way, “He really appreciates the position I’ve push for what I believe in and what I am passionate about," says Badu of Berner's role throughout this journey.

Erykah Badu isn't stopping yet, she's pushing the boundaries with her latest venture! The legendary artist has recently announced a collaboration drop of Mushroom Tea, dubbed "That Badu Technology". This innovative product line looks to provide consumers with an all-natural and unique experience.

That Badu Technology's revolutionary blend of mushroom combinations, Ba-Daytime, and its evening counterpart offer an unparalleled energy boost in the morning and a restorative adaptogenic experience at night. Their distinguishing features—are enhanced focus during the day while promoting deep sleep and meditation with their dynamic evening tea.

That Badu products, which celebrate women's empowerment will debut at select Cookies storefronts in California on International Women’s Day. On March 8th 2023, shoppers can look forward to experiencing the innovative collection firsthand and honouring this important day of female achievements with Badu.

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