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Dispensaries Go Up as Medical Marijuana Prices Drop

BY: Chronic Staff | Recent News | published August 24, 2021

There is a drop in the prices of medical marijuana since more manufacturers, cultivators, and dispensaries are open in Missouri.

In 2018, the residents voted to legalize medical marijuana. The state has had 193 dispensaries since then and 86 manufacturers. Not all of them are in operation as per Kansas City Star report.

Jack Cardetti, spokesman for the Missouri Medical Cannabis Trade Association said that they knew when stores opened at the very beginning the prices were higher and selection more limited. However, there is a reverse in the trend in each coming week.

The first dispensary in Kansas City opened in October and a one-eighth ounce of flower cost $60. 10 months later, the same product cost $40. Better processes, increasing cultivators and more competition have contributed to lower prices.

On the other hand, prices on some products are estimated to be 25% lower than when dispensaries opened as per Bethanie White, director of marketing for Clovr, the first manufacturer to open in Missouri.

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